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Viney Jung Notary Public

Viney was admitted as a Solicitor in 1995. She set up the practice of Jung & Co. solicitors in January 1998.

Jung & Co. is a leading local firm that specialises in criminal and family law. The firm has held a legal aid franchise in these two areas of law since 2000. The firm currently has Category One status.

Viney advises in all areas of criminal law from road traffic law cases to serious crime such as murder, kidnap and drug offences. She has been involved in a number of high profile criminal cases, including a murder case that was subject to a real life true crime documentary.

Viney is a member of various organisations, notably the Middlesex Law Society, the London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association and the Notaries Society, to name a few.

Viney is a court and police station duty solicitor. She heads the Criminal department at Jung & Co. solicitors.

Viney is also a practicing Notary Public, having gained her qualification at Cambridge University.

Viney holds a Judicial Appointment having been appointed to sit on the Mental Health Review Tribunal in 2004.

On a more personal note Viney is committed to both legal aid work and the local community having grown up in the Southall area. She undertakes pro bono work for clients if necessary. She is a Community Governor at a local school in Southall. She is fluent in the Punjabi language.